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‘American equality’

An ‘American equality’
based on assimilation
so how are we free?
when this assimilation
creates class pedigree:

they would rather we leave
they would rather build thick walls
& separate our families
bleed our ‘countries’
& blame the seeds
steal our culture
& teach our history

It’s a systemic. servile parity.
endemic to the hyphened pledge-
on page #1 of the settler’s philosophy
on being self evident & manifest
above all that’s native
to this occupied continent

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Fashion me
in every postulation
everything you say
but you couldn’t change
the phrase that split
the age of decay
by night, by day
the gutted remains
glittered for display
disco balls, rusty chains
click.click, no frames
aims that missed
drip.drip, etiquette
rained picnics
a picture perfect
only on the surface