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Marble cinder tinge, stubbed feet-
crusted sanguine, east spin of the wind
buckthorn smell, stepping on dead skin
element kindred, the belief of ease
simmering in that soul settling
tempest melo movement fugit
nomenclatures of a circumstantial kid
cherub tempora, glazing aura
endorphins of natures flora
nomen nescio palace, an observer, amidst grass furniture
daily absorbing the rays of solar moisture, feeling closer
celestial overture, the descants entrance-
enchants the clouds to fluff and dance
expanding climate, neonate searching
for a tongue that meets the inanimate
imitating the arrays of seraphic frames
intimate phrase, couldn’t give it a name

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Lets not allude to the pretense
freudian slips.
desk checks.
the essence of an answer – slapped thin
evocative neglect – suspense
on a whim .. a second guess
it was like shooting in the wind
a rusty trigger
that flayed thumb skin
I still pulled the lever
played the role to the liars paradox:
“never say never” a cloying crescendo
subtle licks, rain window tempos
they sullied these innards so simple
ephemerally. letting go. was so difficult.

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Stolen Gold

The old wrinkled hand
covered with stolen gold

Lands bloodied and people sold
sold to the highest bidder
you are now a sinner..

Culturalized in the eyes
of a conquistador
with no rights

A history of genocide
covered and buried
under systematic lies
devised to divide
under the holiest of designs

Patriarchal blessings
left families raped
and oppressed in
their own continent

There is no conscious
There is no justice
There was no condolence 

As the hands digits
bones still clenched
stolen gold

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Looking Glass Theory

Sarte vs Camus,
a canvas blotched proof,
fluid in deviation,
a faux pa for the fruit
of elevation,
seeds of evolution,
is it duty or is it
lets take it back to the roots,
a live redux-tion,
breaking out of the loops
and wave fixations,
that glue views
to the late night stations,
sensations sparked unchained,
torres straits paints,
rise of the apes,
chemicals and cages,
lets take it to the pearly gates
my parallel proletariat,
lets occupy space,
spark the divide,
illuminate the paths pace,
amongst Kirkman’s dead
that gaze remains
un fazed,
the zombie speech with no shape,
no function to the movements,
in the midst of confusion
a population siege,
society deceived.
expressionless contrasts
masking the face’s physique,
a looking glass theory,
what is it they seek?
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